Delight event attendees:

ZenSpace offers guests a quiet workspace - anytime, anyplace. Guests can book a private space to escape the buzz of the event, take a phone call, host a meeting, or simply relax.

Attract sponsors:

ZenSpace lounges offer a fully-immersive brand experience for event sponsors including product demos, custom experience and product campaigns. , 


ZenSpace Customers

IMEX 2021

ZenSpace created a business lounge @ Imex which was sponsored by Destination Colorado. This was placed at the centre of the event making it the spot to come rest recharge your devices and hold your meetings .

IBM Money 2020

ZenSpace Created a dedicated VIP Meeting lounge for IBM @ Money 2020.  IBM used the space for their Sales Meet and extended the space to their VIP Business Customers.

Twilio Signal 2019, Moscone West

ZenSpace Created a dedicated VIP Business lounge for their VIP Business Customers. This was a place used for Meetings, Dealings, Video Conferencing.